What is Kumarahou?

What is Kumarahou?

Dean Fountain

KUMARAHOU (Pomaderris kumarahou Commonly known as poverty weed or gum-diggers soap, it was used by the gum-diggers in Northland, New Zealand in early colonial times.

The flower head was crushed and mixed with a little water to produce a soapy lather.

Kumarahou is another traditional Rongoa (medicine) of Maori that is still widely used today.

Kumarahou is of undoubted value for lung conditions, particularly bronchitis. Also taken internally for colds and asthma.

Was used in earlier times by Maori healers, for treating tuberculosis. It is a blood purifier, tonic and liver cleanser. For external use the leaves were boiled and the liquid obtained used as a strong, soothing and healing agent for sores, wounds, rashes and skin irritations.

The leaves can also be used fresh on the skin. Externally, Maori healers made an ointment from the leaves and applied to skin cancers. Leaves were steeped in hot baths for arthritis and rheumatism.

Kumarahou - the gentle, time proven NZ native plant remedy for you & for your pets! Kumarahou remedy is a blood purifier that helps detox your body and supports elimination of waste product to improve overall health & well being. This happens via the lungs, liver, kidneys, skin, lymphatic and the urinary system which is why kumarahou is so valued as a herbal remedy.

Can be used fresh or dried. Kumarahou was used by Maori and early settlers and is a particularly helpful Rongoa for young children and the elderly because it is such a gentle remedy, especially when supporting improved lung health and bronchial system function.

Another recommended use for Kumarahou is to aid better liver function. Kumarahou contains valuable flavonols - Quercetin & Kampferol (antioxidants) plus ellagic acid. Ellagic acid is a natural phenol antioxidant found in numerous fruit and vegetables. Bioflavonoids are found to be health promoting, have a role in preventative health and many proven therapeutic benefits with quercetin's main role being used for seasonal congestion and to help reduce inflammation.

You can have also added quercetin and Magnesium to assist with antihistamine and anti-inflammatory action of quercetin for sneezing & seasonal congestive issues.

According to Brookie, Cambie & Cooper, (1981) "NZ Medicinal Plants" (an authoritative textbook with over 400 references which can be consulted for further study) Kumarahou was valued traditionally as a blood purifier & common remedy for bronchial, lung and kidney complaints. The leaves were boiled and the liquid taken internally and used for bathing.

Kumarahou oil is made from the leaves and flowers of Kumarahou in the concentrated form of a herbal extract. Kumerahou is from the buckthorn family.

"Pregnant women" should avoid herbals unless specifically prescribed by a Herbalist, Homeobotanical Therapist or Natural Medicine Practitioner.

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