The proven benefits of horopito (Kolorex)

The proven benefits of horopito (Kolorex)

Dean Fountain

Horopito leaves contain a natural antifungal extract called polygodial which is effective at killing Candida albicans. It works as a non-ionic surfactant and kills Candida by damaging its outer membrane. Recent research shows that polygodial is the most powerful antifungal in its class, outperforming other natural antifungals like garlic, caprylic acid and oregano oil.

Horopito has an excellent safety record with plants containing polygodial used traditionally in New Zealand, Japan, South America and Africa. There is no documented history of toxicity by Horopito. However, as a precaution, pregnant women and small children should first consult with their health practitioners prior to taking this ingredient.

 This clinically-proven ingredient has been used by satisfied customers around the world for over 20 years. It has undergone extensive research and clinical trials to confirm its effectiveness in relieving candida symptoms.

Horopito has been compared with Diflucan medication and shown to be equally as effective with less bacteriological relapse after a month from treatment (80% relapse with Diflucan compared to just 32% with Korolex Horopito).

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