Make your own Christmas gifts... well under $10!

Make your own Christmas gifts... well under $10!

Dean Fountain

Its coming up to that time of year, where money is tight and expectations are high... well why not make some creams/ointments for your family/friends and work colleagues.

These will sit in the house for a while and be a reminder throughout the year, that you gifted a thoughtful and practical gift all under a tenner!

Here is some basic ideas...  its a little messy, so suggest you do this when the kitchen is clear and dinner is over!




ARO - Kopakopa rau (leafs) and wai (water) are widely used for treating sunburns, stings, insect bites, rashes, burns, blisters, and cuts, also applied to swollen joints, sore muscles, sprains, sore feet sore throats, and mouth sores.

Kopakopa is a excellent wound healer.



example what puts out fire over water is dirt (earth)

so for hot swelling (kopakopa poultice or paewhenua dock leaf) burns sun burn some eczema's (not medically proven - but we know it works for our guys)


So here goes....


100ml kopakopa oil

100ml kopakopa water

20ml beeswax


step 1...

heat all ingredients genetly ( remembering if you over heat carrier oil's the medicinal properties will be lost)

heating genetly & separately


step 2...

in a bowl add your water then put in your oil and with an electric blender on the lowest power setting, gently start to blend together then slowly pour your beeswax in to the mixture.


keep blending until you have a nice cream texture, some people blend slow & gently but we suggest blend fast once its a creamy consistency, it can take up to 20 minutes to blend some times more some times less - it varies on the temperature and quality of your equipment.


step 3...

pour your cream in to a snap lock bag - just the cheap sandwich type bags

seal the bag up

cut the corner (piping bag effect)

pipe in to your jars and label keep in a cool place not directly in the sun (the heat and sun will expire your cream)

After 3 months if they have changed colour or changed scent - dispose and make some more for Easter!!!



change the Rau.. use kopakoa water & change the oil to another rau

(Tataramoa) or vice versa.


paewhenua water & kopakopa oil

manuka oil & kawakawa wai

Tanekaha water & Tohetake oil

kopakopa water & kawakawa oil


Good luck!

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