How to make a  Christmas Hamper..

How to make a Christmas Hamper..

Dean Fountain

Question... How many times do you end up panicked or worse - disappointed with the gift that you end up giving at Christmas...?

September is the best time to "start"...  a well thought hamper at Christmas is appreciated, (not the mass produced one in the local supermarket).  Then, each week spend a little on each purchase.  By the time Christmas comes around, not only do you have a well thought out hamper... but you don't begrudgingly how to fork out big chunks of cash or worse "credit".

Last year, I visited the local op shops (secondhand shops) and bought some cane baskets for a bargain of $1 each and then filled it with lots of condiments and preserves that people will use over time.  I avoided the typical shortbread, flavoured teas and cheap chocolates.  

I am based in New Zealand, I tend to visit farmers markets that promote and support small business.

So below is the list of products you should easily be able to find, to create your own hamper (well lets face it - its not for kids!) Supporting local business in the process is great Christmas tiding!

I would be silly not to mention my own products! horopito, makrut and porcini spices.

You get the idea... just create a theme and stick to it.... keep an eye out for sales/discounts/promotions there is always a few dollars to save!

Go to pinterest or craft gawker for thousands of suggestions... to point is to start early!!!!!!!


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