Horopito - A cure for candida or vaginal thrush?

Horopito - A cure for candida or vaginal thrush?

Dean Fountain

Horopito has gotten a lot of press lately.

It’s heralded for its ability to reduce inflammation, boost the body’s antioxidant systems, and eradicate thrush/candida. Our thoughts? well.. we do know horopito tastes great on a steak or a salad! However....

Experts are convinced that due to Horopito being entirely natural, in its pure form and benefiting from 65 million years of evolution utilizes the extract of polygodial, which organically formulated in its delivery system, using its bio-availability, to rapidly, effectively and cure candida/thrush.

Candida is also known to demonstrate in symptoms of:

• Rashes and itchy areas  (in particular rectum and genitalia) 

• Inflammation, causing burning sensations and soreness or numbness

• Discharge in the vaginal region

• Persistent infections such as athlete’s foot, toenail infections, and thrush

• Digestion problems including diarrhea and constipation

• Fatigue 

• Headaches

• Flatulence (passing wind)

to name a few.  Horopito should be used sparingly on foods, as it has a strong peppery flavour.  Of course, if symptoms are severe - see a doctor!


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