Golden Gut Mango Cheesecake by Lee Holmes

Golden Gut Mango Cheesecake by Lee Holmes

Dean Fountain


*        250 grams cashew nuts
*        1 1/2 cup shredded coconut 
*        pinch sea salt
*        3 tbs lemon juice
*        2 tbs melted coconut butter


*        250 grams cashew nuts
*        ½ cup coconut butter
*        3 mangos diced or use frozen
*        4 tbs lemon juice 
*        1 tsp vanilla extract
*        2 tbs rice malt syrup
*        1 tbs golden gut blend 
*        4 tbs coconut milk
* Handful berries to serve 


*        Firstly, make the base, place nuts and coconut in blender until finely chopped
*        Stir in remaining ingredients- adding some water if necessary
*        Mould into a dough and then press into a 20-cm spring-form cake tin
*        Place in freezer


*        In a blender, place all of the filling ingredients and blend until smooth

Pile on topping
*        Place the mixture into the base from freezer and smooth it over with a spatula
*        Place back into the freezer or fridge until set
*        Top with mixed berries or toppings of choice and serve


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