Christmas is coming - make your own kawakawa balm

Christmas is coming - make your own kawakawa balm

Dean Fountain

Make your own kawakawa balm... its used for the relief of  skin conditions and aching muscles, great for applying after a tattoo also.

How - In a double boiler place 10-12  Kawakawa leaves which have been respectfully harvested and add 500 gram of carrier oil of your choice, a dollop (5-10gms) of shea butter (optional), 100gms of beeswax and gently heat for about 5 hours.

Strain the oil through a muslin cloth to separate the leaves from the oils and melted beeswax. Give the oils a gentle stir as they begin to cool and pour into small jars. Makes approximately 10 x 50 gram jars. 


Genuinely you can make this product simply and affordably, it does take a good afternoon to complete, but if you are at a loose end, why not?!

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