Christmas Gifts under $10.

Christmas Gifts under $10.

Dean Fountain

I know, it seems Christmas holidays take forever to come around and when they are here you are consumed by shopping and spending for a day, that seems to last just a couple minutes, but this is one I get behind. Christmas is great in almost any house and whether you get a bizarre present from a weird aunt or a sensible pair of socks and undies from your mum.  Its all about the dinner (and less about the washing up!)

We always insist on tasty dinners, and lots of it. Which is probably why my produce bin may be bare from time to time, but there’s always one shelf in my cupboard overflowing with sauces and spices.

On Christmas Day, despite full bellies, (after dinner at the first set of in-laws), by the time I got to the second set of in-laws, I was ready to explode.  


However, if you’re ready to ditch the same-old herbs and spices that have been sat on your shelf all year to stuff your traditional turkey and roast veges, you can hardly go wrong with anything Rhayne makes.

What started as a grassroots business at farmers markets which has grown into quite an impressive spice/seasonings company.

If you like it spicy, I highly recommend the horopito seasoning.  It hits a 4 out of 5 on their heat scale, a smouldering heat which offers that perfect tangy-spicy-sweet blend that’s good on everything from warm pretzels to a grilled cheese sandwich to a turkey, which definitely should be a pantry staple in any home. 

And hey, I’d give one as a gift any time, but especially Christmas! For under $10 you can't go wrong!

Just be sure to check the ingredients if you have food allergies in the family; some of the flavors contain sesame seeds, which is noted. Every ingredient is natural and recognizable, which is great to know. They are flavorful and delicious, it’s awesome for dieters and those eating a large amount of protein. Remember that you can get a ton of flavor without having to succumb to sugar, carbs and fat.

Stay away from MSG, E numbers and unpronounceable ingredients! 

Most of all, enjoy Christmas and forgive the silly stuff that's happened in the year!



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