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What you wish you knew before buying a BBQ - Barbeque!

Dean Fountain

So we invested a $500 in a BBQ to use at the upcoming Meatstock event in Auckland in February to promote our seasonings, not wanting to get left behind I took to Facebook and asked to join the NZ Barbeque Pitmasters group.

Asking countless questions about all the lingo and cooking methods "low and slow" for example were words I'd never heard of until recently.  So turns out I've bought the worst bbq option "Gas".... this turns out is sacrilege!  wood or coal burners are the way to go!  So I'm trying to fake it until I make it, but there is no way I can avoid the fact that I have to lug around an lpg bottle to accompany my shiny new bbq...!  

These pitmasters were very friendly and supportive with "don't worry, you know for next time", "buy one from The Warehouse for $80", "their is no proof that eating the chemicals from lpg is bad for you". So of course, having a rather large ego, I was not going to commit the sin of cooking with gas and insulting these guys, so its now on trademe and I've bought myself an entry level Weber (a well known brand in the BBQ arena).

So I asked the question...  "What do you wish you knew, before buying your last BBQ?"

The responses follow...  they are a cheeky bunch!


James Henry Leaupepetele That gas bbq are not the go lol

TJ Stevens-Kameta That smoked meat on the bbq is waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy superior to meat roasted in the oven.

Gerrard Eustace That cooking low and slow over wood and coals is way more fun than gas, producing a superior finished product.

Adam Winter I wish I'd bought it sooner! BGE (Big Green Egg)

Jay Bee Pilkington As someone who cooks on a 2nd hand cheap as chips Weber copy - I think it has to be noted that you can potentially make good smoked BBQ on anything but the effort and attention needed to do so increases exponentially the cheaper your equipment.

Steve Hollingsworth Buy a good thermometer (still haven't found one myself) no point in having the BBQ if you can't read temp. I've ballsed up due to stall too many times

Jim Steps That grills are way better than hotplates

Matthew Wardlaw That gas BBQs suck and wood/charcoal is the way

Mike Horton Wish I'd known how addictive it is! Always had a gas BBQ. Now cooking on a Weber. Making plans to build an offset smoker. Trying to design and outdoor area too keep them close to the fire pit. Also want to build a pizza oven.....where does it stop?

Shaun Branson I owned a Weber kettle for roughly 2 years that I purchased for $20 from a 2nd hand store. I recently spent a shit tonne of money upgrading to a new Weber...I questioned weather I stuck with Weber or changed brands...After my purchase I had an experience with their customer service...and it was amazing. Advice = You want quality? Spend, buy, invest in quality...you will not regret it and, it will be worth it!

Pieter Claassen What did I learn over past 25 years of Braai-ing, grilling on gas, and low and slow on the BGE?
Taste is subjective! Try different ways of preparing your meat and stick to what you like best. For me, lamb chop is best braai'd over open coals with heat
from bottom only.
Butterfly and beer butt chicken in the Egg with heat reflector in.
Steak in Egg over direct heat.
And now for the big reveal.
Spareribs on gas grill for 30 - 40 minutes.
Have tried all low and slow ribs recipes still can't find something I fancy more than the ones I make on a gas grill.


So there you guys... BBQ's can range from $80 up to thousands from companies such as Radar Hill, Big Green Egg, Green Mountain Grills see weblinks below.




BBQ Big Green Egg - Rhayne Horopito




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