Makrut Lime Leaf Seasoning 60g (3 pack)
The Original Horopito from Horopito NZ... Ideal Gifts or Souvenirs throughout the year....
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Makrut Lime Leaf Seasoning - Free Shipping (3 pack) - Rhayne Herbs and Spices horopito

Makrut Lime Leaf Seasoning 60g (3 pack)

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Cultivated Makrut Lime Leaf - a delightful, aromatic flavour, best used to impart flavor in curries, seafood, marinade/sauces and Thai food dishes.  A more intense flavour than fresh leaves with an earthy and sweet taste.

Perfect for a gift for a bbq lover, cook, masterchef wannabe or a hamper filler around .  

Free Shipping.

* Makrut Lime is also known as Kaffir Lime

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