8a. Horopito Wild Herb Seasoning 60g - 3 Pack
Horopito, Kolorex and Supercharged Food
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8a. Horopito Wild Herb Seasoning 60g - 3 Pack

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Horopito Wild Herb Seasoning 60g - Three Pack

Horopito native wild pepper seasoning is captivating chefs and food enthusiasts worldwide for use on wild venison, duck, rabbit and other red meats.

Its unique hot pepper kick is native to New Zealand and enhances almost every type of meat.

Horopito is an indigenous plat to new Zealand - used traditionally by Maori for medicinal purposes to support and reduce the effects of stomach upsets.

What is horopito?

Horopito leaves have traditionally been used in Maori medicine - consumed orally or applioed topically in the case of skin ailments of fungal infections.
Horopito was used for treating stomach ache and poor circulation.

External uses include,fungal infections such as Candida albicans, ringworm, wounds, cuts, burns and bruising. Fresh leaves were also chewed for toothache. 

The main biologically active constituent of Horopito is known as polygodial. which is a component of the “hot taste” and exhibits significant antifungal and antibacterial activity. 

Most importantly Horopito, tastes great!  Is a great alternative to having ground black pepper on the table.

Perfect for a gift, Paleo, BBQ lovers and budding chefs, those suffering from Nightshade allergies, also a great talking point.

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Customer Reviews

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Quality product

Horopito rub is well packaged, and made with high quality ingredients. Makes the perfect accompaniment to steak on the BBQ and mixed with olive oil as a salad dressing. Prompt delivery, and excellent communication from Rhayne. Recommend as the perfect kiwi Christmas gift for anyone who likes to cook with fresh flavour.

Great service

I brought some Horopito for some overseas friends of mine, however one of the packets that arrived to me had opened and spilled contents all through courier bag. Rhayne could not of been more helpful in replacing the packet so I could forward to my friends. I hope they love it as much as we do.
Cheers Guys

Fantastic Service

A great product that I really enjoy using. I am so pleased to be able to purchase this as my first pack came to me via Cuisine magazine. Keep up the good work team!


this product was yum but as the other review below said i was expecting just horopito. still a yum product though!


Horopito herbs deliver exactly what I wanted. The way it is mixed and packaged is superb. Tastes awesome! Will buy again

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