Our bees have fed on Manuka, Kanuka, Rewarewa and Kamahi plants, creating a rich, velvety texture and intense toffee flavoured honey.  Infused with NZ native horopito over 3 months gives our trademarked honey a unique "sweet heat"

Our honey will next be hand extracted and bottled in the late Summer.

Why buy?

Raw, with no commercial processing or heat treatment, all the natural goodness and health benefits have been preserved for your enjoyment.

Horopito honey is great as an exciting condiment or as a glaze for those bbq pitmasters!  Impress friends and family with this unique product available only from Rhayne.

Our Responsibilities

We have used glass jars and absorbed the costs ourselves, please reuse, recycle or repurpose the jars. 


As long as a person is not allergic to bee pollen, raw honey is generally safe to use.

People should not give honey to infants under the age of 1 because of the risk of infant botulism. Honey is safe from the age of 1 upwards. This applies to both raw and regular honey.

Raw honey may trigger or aggravate allergies in people sensitive to pollen who would otherwise not have trouble eating processed honey. If you or your family have sensitivities to pollen, it's a good idea to steer clear of raw honey.