5. Supercharged Food Heal Your Gut Powder - Reduce Bloating & Fatigue
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5. Supercharged Food Love Your Gut - Reduce Bloating & Fatigue.

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Improve Digestion, Reduce Bloating, Increase Energy. Heal Your Gut.

Supercharged Food Heal Your Gut Powder has a very simple and natural approach to improving gut health.

As many gut issues can be traced back to an unclean and inefficient digestive tract, Heal Your Gut Powder contains naturopathic grade, organic Diatomaceous Earth which helps to clean out the accumulated waste, toxins, metals and mucous in the digestive tract.

Heal Your Gut is organic, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic. It just makes you feel much better!

It's a natural whole food that improves gut health, reduces bloating, aids digestion and increases energy levels through improved absorption of nutrients.


Lee Holmes Heal Your Gut Love Your GutSeason 2 Episode 9.


Increased Nutrient Absorption & Increased Energy

You will notice that you’ll have better digestion, waste removal and increased energy simply because your body will be working more efficiently - and you'll be absorbing food nutrients more fully.

Like plaque builds up on your teeth, plaque and waste continually build up within your digestive tract so it’s beneficial to ‘sweep away’ these impurities on a daily basis and keep your colon toned, clean and efficient. 

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Customer Reviews

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Really easy to take

During a sleepless night (gotta love peri-menopause) I stumbled across this product and it made sense. So I hit ‘buy’ at 4am! I take it every morning with 2 other powders and it dissolves easily and has no taste. I believe it’s working as I have more bowel movements and am looking forward to next few weeks for other results.

Heal you gut

I find this easy to drink, I haven't yet noticed any changes, but it's early days yet, hoping for great results.fast delivery and good communication.

Heal your gut powder

Highly recommend this product for those with Crohn's disease and IBS. It helps with bloating and we'll being. I have been using it for about 8 weeks.

Now my friends all want some.

Got some sample packs which my friends tried which they loved so much they are buying it for themselves.

i have just started takeing the gut healing product and yes i am noticing a great inprovement

very good product , i recomend gut healer, i have only just started useing this product, my irritable bowlmy is great , thankyou for giving me my life back

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