4. Supercharged Food Golden Gut Blend Reduces The Effects of Leaky Gut
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4. Supercharged Food Golden Gut Blend For Leaky Gut & Bloating

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Improve Gut Health with Supercharged Food Organic Golden Gut Blend.

Golden Gut Blend reduces the effect of leaky gut and improves gut health. It is a perfect supplement for people feeling sluggish. bloated or overly tired.

Golden Gut is a versatile blend of turmeric, spices and diatomaceous earth. It can be sprinkled over or mixed with absolutely any food - including soups! Its detoxification and energy boosting properties are amazing.

Supercharged Golden Gut Blend was featured on Shark Tank - it can be added to or sprinkled on ANY food!

If you have been feeling under the weather, stressed or just plain bloated and fatigued, this versatile, tasty blend of potent turmeric, spices and diatomaceous earth - well known for its detoxification properties - is a great food supplement to try.

Supercharged Foods Golden Gut Blend is rich in iron and silica - which is lacking from our diet in NZ

Perfect for sufferers of leaky gut syndrome - and super easy to use. Just add it to your food!


Shark Tank Supercharged Food Lee Holmes

About Diatomaceous Earth.

Diatomaceous Earth (often referred to as "DE") is an off white talc-like powder that is the fossilized remains of marine phytoplankton. Diatomaceous Earth destroys internal gut parasites - naturally, enabling a better absorbtion of nutrients from food, which in turn increases energy levels and reduces stress levels.

Ingredients: Organic ‘Love Your Gut’ diatomaceous earth, naturally de-bittered organic turmeric, certified organic ginger, certified organic cinnamon, certified organic black pepper.

Whole food, vegan, no added sugar, caffeine-free. Reduces fatique, improves concentration, reduces bloating and reduces the effects of leaky gut.

Golden Gut Blend is a beautifully delicious, gut-loving addition to any drink or meal, plus it ticks all the boxes, as a raw whole food that's gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo, low in fat and vegan-friendly with no added sugar or caffeine.


 - Turmeric Fudge
 - Golden Latte
 - Digestive Shot
 - Golden Breakfast Porridge
 - Nice Cream
 - Add to Cooking
 - Sprinkle on Eggs or Avocado on Toast
 - Fortify Smoothies and Soups


1. Iron rich: reduces tiredness and fatigue; brain health and function
2. A pH of 8: Helps to create a healthy alkaline environment in the body
3. Anti-bloating
4. Low in fat
5. Low sodium: reduces blood pressure
6. Contains curcuminoids
7. Mineral rich, silica rich

This powder is made in Australia with the finest ingredients. 

Storage: keep it dry, below 30 degrees Celsius and away from direct sunlight.

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Customer Reviews

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Product making me pass wind alot, fortunately I have 3 dogs, so can blame them!

Ok taste but unsure of daily requirement.

Not sure of daily requirement - varies on the packet depending on how you take it. I'm using one level dessertspoon with cereal each morning. If more is required it needs to be distributed in a bigger pack. Too soon to tell if it is helping my IBS but I'm happy to take it for two months to see if any benefits.

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