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Horopito, Kolorex, Supercharged Food and Oku Kawakawa Tea
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About Us

Mission Statement

We are simply about going back to the start and using as much natural products and native plants as we can to prevent instead of cure.  We want you to respond to our products, not react!  Our affiliate companies share our values.

The Rhayne Story, so far...

We started out commercially harvesting horopito from our property in Ruapehu for the Food Service industry for niche upmarket restaurants.  The more we researched and spoke with experts we realised that horopito is a great way to make a menu look "en vogue"... AND it's actually got a lot of medicinal properties - genuine ones too!

So now we supply a number of products that focus on the benefits of the native plant.

Internationally, we have a lot of work to do... and that's exciting for us and NZ  


Flash of Genius!

When we first started out we were a bit lost like most small businesses.  We reached out to Pic Picot and James Crow from Little Island Ice Creamery for some sage advice!  We were keen to run and create a thousand horopito products and sell them to the world!

Fortunately, our mentors slowed us down and told us to actually plan, focus and create processes....and they were both right! "Aha!" this was a pivot point when growing our company. Whilst we face the challenges of educating a large number of Kiwis and the world (from all walks of life) about the existence and benefits of horopito and kawakawa we are shaping our company from one day to the next.

We are here to serve.

Whether you are a novice cook, naturopath, natural healer or alternative we care.  You are welcome to contact us about anything, from recipes to results.  Its likely you may throw a few curly ones at us... and we will find out! That's why it's crucial that you ask any questions so we can share the knowledge and serve everyone.

Values at Rhayne

Whilst we are not a bunch of hippies on a commune, we are loving, caring and sharing.  Rhayne prides itself on using alternative products that are fit for purpose.  What's your company culture like? What bigger picture in life drives your business? The big picture for us, is to follow in the footsteps of other NZ brands and take our native products to the world, whilst being clean, green and sustainable.

Horopito is mainly sold as a food, which is great... and we also sell horopito as an alternative medicine which is very popular in countries where accessing "approved" prescription medicines is expensive and sometimes less effective.


So why the name Rhayne?

(pronounced "Rain")

Rhayne is the name of one of my daughters that has grown into a beautiful, calm, and caring soul. I am proud to share her name with this true and honest brand that will be reflected by her nature, throughout our journey.