Where can you buy Rhayne products?

You should be able to purchase products from the Rhayne product range through your local butcher stores, local cafes, New World, Bin Inn stores and a number of independent and boutique outlets.  Unfortunately we cannot control product availability at store level; it might be worth calling your local store to check their stock levels before you waste time and fuel!

Are Rhayne products Gluten Free?

Yes, if any product contains Gluten, it must be declared on the packaging.

Rhayne does not currently hold any such product. In addition our products are GE Free.

You are NZ owned, does that mean the ingredients are from NZ?

Yes, the ingredients in our products are from New Zealand - the Horopito is hand picked, dried and packed in Pokaka/Horopito in Ruapehu.  

Active Horopito is a rich source of the sesquiterpene dialdehyde polygodial. Other constituents include essential oils such as pinenes, limones, humulene and eugenol, and the flavonoids quercetin, luteolin and proanthocyanidins.

Do you sell commercial quantities?

Yes, we do sell wholesale with a minimum order of 10 kg otherwise contact Element Food - 0212743663.  

Can I stock your products as a reseller?

Yes and we do consignment!  We encourage exposure to our customer base and our business.  We love helping others increase exposure.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes, our products are clear to enter any country (we have not been refused entry to anywhere as yet).

I am a blogger/social media cool person - with a large following - could I have free samples?

Glad you are doing so well in the social media scene, however please email us about your background and intentions, we will go from there...

I tried to contact you on the mobile but no answer...

Please try our landline or email us direct.  Unfortunately due to our location the mobile phone reception is a bit "sketchy".

I've got a question not listed here, how do I contact you?

email rhayne@rhayne.co.nz