One Love, One Pot and One Hob is all you need

One Love, One Pot and One Hob is all you need

Dean Fountain


Hey....if you have found yourself in a situation where you're on a low income? or not budgeted the best! don't worry, it's okay... most of us have been there and we know it sucks! just learn from it....

If you've been living at mums or relying on takeaways then cooking for yourself can be a bit daunting but will help get those bills down.

So instead of spending vast amounts of money setting yourself up in the kitchen. Focus on using just one pot and one hob (to save on energy bills!) you don't need to be Jamie Oliver or a Masterchef to eat great hearty meals that last for a couple of days.

Think of the other benefits, like.... one pot to wash up! One-pot meals can be steamed, sauteed, stewed or baked.  Start with choosing the sacred "one pot" will it be a saucepan, skillet, crock pot, pressure cooker or baking dish.  All these can be bought from a secondhand shop (Salvos is what we call them in NZ) for very cheap, some people even give them away! I've just been on Ebay, you can buy a pressure cooker for under $20!


I'm not a chef... but here are some links to some great recipes that won't cost the earth and last in your fridge for a couple of days!  The key is to look at a few recipes before hitting the shops.. that way when you see items at a reduced price (I find shopping later in the evening promotes the best deals) you know what you can use them for - DON'T BUY FOOD JUST BECAUSE ITS ON SALE!!!

Crock Pot Meals - Links

Baking Dish - Links

Skillet - Links

Saucepan - Links 

or just Pinterest the below to give you hundreds of ideas

There are hundreds of recipes, just google the words one pot cooking and I am sure you'll keep yourself entertained and maintain a budget for the week.  Save the pennies here and there and you'll be surprised.  Plus, if you are a student who doesn't know anyone, its a great way to start friendships by getting all involved.  If you are a parent that's finding it tough... guess what.. its great family time, preparing and planning your dinners and of course less dishes to clean!!!



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