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bbq, smoker, grill or egg? Just rub it on!

Dean Fountain

I was looking for some feedback on my seasoning/dry rub so decided to reach out to the NZ Barbeque Pitmasters these guys are amazing subculture throughout NZ and indeed the world.

As with all interests, you can start off with a minimal investment of $150 (bbq, coals, and utensils) up to? well the sky is the limit!  Whilst I got great comments and positive vibes from the pitmasters, I was more and more involved with the "clique" and lingo that is used throughout the groups.

I've seen some great results cooked in a $80 bbq from The Warehouse and the same in $5,000 units... but I must admit the more expensive ones were very sexy bits of kit!

The overall consensus is that as long as you have a heat source, you can achieve greatness! Being a fish out of water, I have made some notes of commonly used words and phrases that seems to be more important than the type of bbq you own.

Pitmaster/Pit Boss

An experienced barbecue cook, craftsman, has a sixth sense and need not rely on sight, sound, smell, and touch. Too hot or too cold, when it needs fuel, when to add wood and when the meat is ready.


The flavoured outer layer of crust that forms on a brisket.


When a rack of ribs bares exposed bones, caused by too much meat butchered off. The bones, therefore, “shine through” the meat. uh oh....

Blue Smoke

The ideal moment when the smoke coming off the flame is lightly tinged blue. This is the best time for throwing meat onto the grill


The process of melting fat usually at low temperatures so that it separates from muscle and connective tissue. In barbecue, this fat often drips off but sometimes it remains trapped in the meat making it taste and feel richer.

The Stall aka The Darkest Hours

Smoking a brisket when the temperature seems to have peaked, even though it’s still well below the temperature you want to achieve - resulting in undercooked meat - wasting time and money!!!!

If you are looking to meet new people or get into an inexpensive healthy hobby this is it...become a natural born griller - click here.

Also, put this in your diary for end of Feb 2017! Meatstock

 Rhayne BBQ Pitmaster                           Mike Horton Horopito


 Rhayne Horopito BBQ Lamb

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