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Horopito -  This native wild pepper seasoning is captivating chefs & food enthusiasts worldwide for use on wild venison, duck, rabbit and other meats. Its unique hot pepper kick is native to New Zealand traditionally used by Maori for medicinal purposes.

Cultivated Makrut Lime Leaf - a delightful, aromatic flavour, best used to impart flavor in curries, seafood, marinade/sauces and Thai food dishes.  A more intense flavour than fresh leaves with a perfect earthy and sweet taste.

"Porcini" (little fat pig) a versatile deep rich mushroom powder with an inviting aroma. Blended with sea salt for a wonderful earthy texture suited best for, risottos, pasta sauces, and meat dishes. With a woody intense umami flavour to compliment most dishes.


None of our products have sugar or additives/preservatives.

Our products are certified Food Grade


Customer Reviews

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Mark Munro (Rotorua, NZ)

Horopito, Makrut Lime & Porcini - Certified Food Grade

Jess O (Auckland, NZ)
1 x Horopito, Makrut Lime & Porcini Seasoning

These are delicious and very versatile to add to different foods before cooking. The horopito is just as delicious on potatoes as it is on steak.

Linda Campbell (Napier City, NZ)

3b Horopito, Makrut Lime and Porcini

Tia Taukamo (Invercargill, NZ)
Nature's Seasonings To Your Table.

very happy with my purchases. Totally enjoying the aromatic flavors you have created. Definitely will and have highly recommended your business to family and friends. Thanx you so much for the bonus ptk of kawakawa tea.

John Cameron (Auckland, NZ)
Great products

Purchased our first bottle of Horopito from Ohakune, then just ordered the three pack Makrut Lime is sensational and Porcini is mushroom to the max. Package arrived three days after order.