Horopito Wild Herb Seasoning


NZ organic sea salt, gourmet peppercorns, sesame seeds & 10% horopito 

This Horopito native wild pepper seasoning is captivating chefs & food enthusiasts worldwide for use on wild venison, duck, rabbit and other meats. Its unique hot pepper kick is native to New Zealand traditionally used by Maori for medicinal purposes.

Perfect for Nightshade allergy diets, Paleo, BBQ lovers, chefs, home cooks and foodlovers.

What is horopito?

Leaves of the Horopito tree were used in traditional Maori medicine to treat upset tummies.

To use in cooking, just sprinkle over your food. Horopito leaves are quite peppery, so do test the amount applied to suit your taste! 

Recipe ideas

If you're after some inspiration for how to use your RHAYNE Horopito Wild Herb Seasoning take a look at some of these recipes.

Roast Kumara Halves With Crispy Bacon & Horopito Mayo.

Savoury Smashed Root Vegetables.

Horopito Seasoned Aged Rump Steak.

Homemade Horopito BBQ Sauce.

Beer-Baked Potatoes with Horopito Seasoning.

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