So what is horopito?

Horopito is a very slow growing plant that takes 5 years+ before it can be harvested. Horopito leaves have traditionally been used by the Maori and taken orally,

Horopito was used for treating diarrhoea, stomach ache and poor circulation due to its astringent (tissue tightening) and antiseptic properties. 

Horopito is a New Zealand native shrub, also known as the native pepper tree. Horopito grows throughout most of New Zealand. It is an ancient endemic genus growing nowhere else in the world, with a primitive flower structure.  

Active ingredient

The main biologically active constituent of Horopito is known as polygodial, a component of the “hot taste” and exhibits significant anti-fungal and antibacterial activity.  

Native and Natural Horopito Herb

Suits red meats in particular lamb and venison.  

Most importantly, it tastes great!  Is a great alternative to having black pepper on the table.

Perfect for an Auto Immune Protocol diet, Paleo, BBQ lovers and budding chefs, also a great talking point!


Gordon Ramsay has this to say about horopito https://youtu.be/_xodf7-wSzw?t=173


Ancient Tribes Treasured Horopito’s Medicinal Qualities

The Maori, migrants to New Zealand from the Pacific Islands, used Horopito for a variety of reasons, not the least of which was to drive away evil spirits. Other uses included:

  • The plant’s leaves were bruised, steeped in water and applied to the skin to treat ringworm and other skin diseases

  • Bruised leaves were used in poultices to treat skin chafing, bruises, cuts and wounds

  • Leaves were chewed for toothache

  • Horopito sap was used as a treatment for venereal diseases

Early European settlers also took advantage of Horopito’s medicinal properties, using a decoction of the leaves, known as the “Maori painkiller,” for:

  • Stomachache

  • Diarrhea

The plant itself has a very spicy, peppery flavor, which is due to its active ingredient, polygodial.

The Many Benefits of Horopito

Polygodial was isolated in Horopito leaves in 1982 by researchers from Canterbury University in New Zealand. The team grew cultures of the yeast Candida Albicans and treated them with polygodial extracted from Horopito leaves. They found the extract was extremely effective against Candida, proving more powerful and faster working than the antifungal pharmaceutical drug amphotericin B.

Horopito is not only very effective against yeasts like Candida but also against certain fungi.

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