Makrut Lime Leaf Seasoning


Organic NZ Sea Salt, Pink, Green, Black and White Peppercorns, Sesame Seeds and Lime Leaf.

Cultivated Makrut Lime Leaf - a delightful, aromatic flavour, best used to impart flavor in curries, seafood, marinade/sauces and Thai food dishes.  A more intense flavour than fresh leaves with a perfect earthy and sweet taste.

What is Makrut Lime?

A citrus fruit native to tropical Southeast Asia and southern China. Its fruit and leaves are used in Southeast Asian cuisine and its essential oil is used in perfumery.

Perfect for a gift or a hamper, suits those on the Paleo diets and of course any food enthusiast.

* Makrut Lime is also known as Kaffir Lime in the US and Australasia.

 Rhayne products are certified Food Grade

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Customer Reviews

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Elena (Auckland, NZ)
Really liked it!

Goes very well pretty much with everything. Will definitely repurchase!

Margie Silich

Just love the seasonings and especially the ease of ordering and receiving after trying all supermarkets in my area!

Sherlee Sadler
Wonderful service

I was amazed how quickly my order arrived, excellent service, and I really like the two products I bought. I use herbs as flavouring a lot but had not tried these two before.
The Horopito, and the Makrut Lime Leaf Salt I will definitely re-order again. Both are subtle flavours and they did not dominate the chicken or the fish, which I personally prefer but just added that extra zing.

arr.. schucks... Sheree i'm blushing! Thanks so much for your feedback.

Makrut Lime Leaf

This yummy salt was quick to be put on my table.