So what is horopito?

Horopito is a very slow growing plant that takes 5 years+ before it can be harvested. Horopito leaves have traditionally been used by the Maori and taken orally.

Horopito was used for treating diarrhoea, stomach ache and poor circulation due to its astringent (tissue tightening) and antiseptic properties. 

Horopito is a New Zealand native shrub, also known as the native pepper tree. Horopito grows throughout most of New Zealand. It is an ancient endemic genus growing nowhere else in the world, with a primitive flower structure.  

At Rhayne, we grind the dried leaves and send to you in powder form.

Active ingredient

The main biologically active constituent of Horopito is known as polygodial, a component of the “hot taste” and exhibits significant anti-fungal and antibacterial activity. 

Native and Natural Horopito Herb

Suits red meats in particular lamb and venison. Amazing on roast vegetables and in slow cooked food - stews and casseroles.  

Most importantly, it tastes great!  Is a great alternative to having black pepper on the table.

Perfect for an Auto Immune Protocol diet, Paleo, BBQ lovers and budding chefs, also a great talking point!


Gordon Ramsay has this to say about horopito https://youtu.be/_xodf7-wSzw?t=173


Customer Reviews

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Natasha Low (Auckland, NZ)

Thankyou all ground up and sealed perfect next time could i please have instructions for use i forgot dried was more potent th

Terry Donald

Horopito was easy to use and had a great spicy flavour. I really liked the Horopito seasoning. Very good service from Rhayne

Alex Manig (Masterton, NZ)

Arrived two days after ordering online. Very good quality and packaging. Thank you Thayne team!

Benjamin ONeil (Saint Paul, US)
Horopito Leaves

I live in the U.S.A. and was intrigued by this leaf. I saw good reviews of Rhayne products and finally decided to buy some. It took just under 3 weeks to receive with international shipping and was worth the cost and wait. The crushed leaves are packaged nicely and appear to be pretty fresh. I'm very excited to implement my Horopito into a hot sauce and spices!

Luana (Rotorua, NZ)
Horopito Dried Leaf

Great price, fast and efficient delivery service. I'll be using Rayne products again.