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Hints and tips — Venison Recipe

Venison - Hunters Horopito

Venison Recipe

Venison - Hunters Horopito

Ingredients • 500g of venison stew meat rubbed with Rhayne Horopito Wild Herb Seasoning.• 4 brown onions, sliced thinly • 2-3 cloves of garlic, (crushed from a jar is fine)• 2 beef stockcubes (or teaspoons of Bovril, Marmite or Vegemite)• 2 carrots & 2 potatoes• 50g of butter• 400ml  of warm water Instructions Cut away the silver skin and fat from meat. Cut into pieces mix with Horopito Herb. Heat butter in a crockpot (or pressure cooker), over medium-high heat. Cook meat until lightly browned on all sides. Do not cook through. Remove meat and set aside in a bowl. Cook onions, carrots, potatoes, beef stock, crushed garlic and...

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