Rhayne - Horopito infused honey

Our horopito infused honey is hand extracted using humane methods that don’t stress or agitate our bees.

We do NOT heat our honey. Heating honey kills the naturally occurring enzymes that make honey so wonderful and great for your body.

Commercial beekeepers often heat honey to speed up efficiency - as the hotter honey is, the easier it is to pour when bottling.

At Rhayne we know that good things take time. We never filter. We gently strain our honey by hand, removing chunks of wax and making sure that we keep all the natural goodness in, whilst blending with horopito to create a "sweet heat".

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Josh James "The Kiwi Bushman"

Well there was outrage this week regarding our friend and aspiration for Josh James aka The Kiwi Bushman.  He decided to demonstrate the quick and kind way to dispatch an octopus in what most hunters and fisherman agree was a great way if not the best way!

Of course, many people won't even see a live octopus in their lives and found it shocking to watch and inhumane to kill it.  It was soon made very clear by the BBQ Pitmasters and Kiwi Daddys (A total of 60,000 members) via a poll that clearly stated that all those people that buy meat from the supermarket are way out of touch and have no idea what there dinner has gone through before it hits there plate!  Naturally, they have a point, the octopus is regularly caught by commercial and recreational fisherman and left just out in the open to die a slow death on a daily basis and noone utters a word.

The Kiwi Bushman unabashedly demonstrated to the world how it catches and dispatches his din dins...  and to prove it filmed a video of him preparing the octopus for the family dinner.

Vegetarians and Vegans will no doubt be outraged and they are entitled to be.  However, the Kiwi consensus is that he is a top bloke and they want to see more and more of this entertaining chap.  

Josh James has a successful following across the world and if you want to see more, I suggest you click on the link https://www.facebook.com/joshjamesnzhunter or 

see The Kiwi Bushman and his family eating the octopus with horopito and makrut lime leaf seasonings from Rhayne.

 Rhayne Horopito Wild Herb SeasoningRhayne Makrut Lime Leaf Sea Salt Seasoning


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