BBQ Pitmasters NZ

BBQ Pitmasters NZ  is a group for fans of 'low and slow' Barbecue in NZ.
This group is also supported by the Australasian Barbecue Alliance.  They are a positive and fun bunch of both female and males.  

Its one of those sub cultures that you don't know how you missed it!

So what is this "low and slow" cooking method?  well... meat is cooked for a few main reasons... tenderise, add flavour and of course to kill off any nasties living on your pre dinner fodder.  These can all be achieved by cooking meat on a high temperature for a short time or cooking at a low temperature for a long time.

Low and Slow meals are easier to make and cost effective using cuts of meat that improve in texture and flavor when cooked for long periods of time at low temperatures - suggestions for BBQ are:

BEEF - Brisket, Cheek or Beef Ribs.
LAMB - Any cut.
PORK - Shoulder or neck, served pulled, chopped or slice, or a combination .
PORK RIBS - Baby Back, Spare or St Louis. 

Low and slow is the way to go!  The benefits involve the meat retaining all the fat, juices and flavour and allows all budgets to benefit from this cooking method. Sounds like the way to cook for me!

BBQ's have come a long way since I was a young lad, kicking cans down the streets of London.  You get a simple set up from the likes of The Warehouse going up to the "professional" get up - from companies such as Radar Hill Smokers and Green Mountain Grills.

Coming up in February is the MeatStock Festival  and is great way to support our agricultural, hospitality, music and competitive "sporting" industry all in one place!  








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