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Rhayne is based in Ruapehu, with a mission to promote NZ food... 

Embrace NZ Herbs & Spices...

Used as a main ingredient in Rongoa throughout NZ. 

Rhayne does not promote any indigenous learnings of which, we are not educated.

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What you need to know about horopito?

Horopito is an incredibly unique herb with a spicy, aromatic and earthy taste. 
A 'native food' that was embraced by the European settlers after witnessing the Maori using horopito and kawakawa for its medicinal properties.

Horopito (Pseudowintera Colorata) is only found in New Zealand.  The oldest flowering plant surviving 65 million years with a superb polygodial defense system. Horopito is loaded with antioxidants that has enabled it to evolve through climate change.